OMRON Solid State Relay Board 1 Channel

Rajguru Electronics proudly offers the OMRON 5V 240V solid-state relay rated at 2A with an output featuring a resistance-type fuse at 240V 2A. This versatile relay module is designed to provide precise control in various applications.

For activating the relay, the input control signal voltage requirements are as follows:
  1. When the signal voltage between 0-2.5V is applied (referred to as a low-level trigger), the relay is in the OFF state.
  2. When the signal voltage is between 3-5V (referred to as a high-level trigger), the relay is in the ON state.
In practical terms, a low-level trigger means that the signal voltage between the relay's input terminal and the negative terminal of the power supply is 0V or lower than the positive power supply voltage. This voltage level is low enough to trigger the relay and activate it. Typically, this involves connecting the negative terminal of the power supply to the relay's triggering terminal to achieve the trigger mode, which results in the relay being energized.
Additionally, the relay module comes equipped with a blue KF301 terminal that facilitates easy and secure connection to the control circuit. This ensures a reliable and efficient operation of the relay in your specific application.

QUICK OVERVIEW ; OMRON 1 Channel Solid State Relay Board 

  • Trigger voltage: 5VDC
  • Trigger current: 2mA
  • Switching Voltage: 240VAC@2A
  • Triggering: Low-level