RT628RG 2" Thermal Printer With Sensor

RT628RG 2" Thermal Printer with Sensor, Direct thermal line printing. Ultra compact design - The mechanism is compact and light, height only 13 mm and weight only 30 gm.

Specifications:RT628RG 2" Thermal Printer With Sensor

  • Printing Method : Thermal
  • Dots/line : 384 dots/line
  • Resolution : 8
  • Printing Width(mm : 48
  • Paper Width(mm : 58
  • Feed Resolution(mm) : 0.125
  • WxDxH(mm) : 70.3x33.0x15.5
  • Weight(g) : About 80
  • Head temperature detection : Thermistor
  • Paper detection : Photo-sensor
  • Operation voltage range(V) : 3.0 - 8.0 4.2V - 9.0V
  • Logical voltage(V) : 3.0 – 7.0
  • Operating temperature(°C) : 0 - 40
  • Operating humiture(RH) : 20% - 80%
  • Storage temperatue(°C) : 25 - 70
  • Storage humidity(RH) : 10% - 90%

A printer may be a printer that creates use of warmth so as to supply the image on paper.
Due to quality of print, speed, and technological advances it's become increasingly popular and is usually utilized in the airline, banking, entertainment, retail, grocery, and healthcare industries. Thermal printing doesn't make use of ink or toner unlike many other printing forms but largely depends on thermal papers for producing the pictures . They are also quite popular in creating labels owing to the speed of printing.
Advantages of using thermal printers: No involvement of cartridges or ribbons and thus organizations can save investment by using thermal printers. Easier to use as there are less buttons and use of software involved. Popular in noise-free environments and are great for offices. Largely inexpensive and come in various models and sizes. More efficient and faster in printing monochromic ones compared to other sorts of printing. More durable compared to other printers.

RT628RG 2" Thermal Printer has a Compact and lightweight design.

RT628 2" Thermal transfer Printer Mechanism with sensor compatible with Fujitsu FTP628 MCL101/MCL103 The thermal print - transfer print comprises three parts. First part is non-movable print head, second is a carbon ribbon and third is a material to be printed that would be paper, synthetics, card or textile materials. Applications in industry includes: Barcode labels (as labels printed with a thermal printer tend not to last long) and marking of clothing labels (shirt size etc.). Label printers with plastic, paper, and metal label materials.The mechanism is compact and lightweight , height only 13 mm and weight only 30 gm.
Printing with high resolution. A high-density printer head of 8 dots/mm makes the great printing quality
Low voltage supply. The voltage wont to drive the printer head is adequate to the logic voltage, or is driven by a 5 V single power cable, the range of operating with High speed printing. According to driving power and sensitivity of thermal paper, set different printing speed required. Printing speed is 80 mm/ s (max.)
Easy paper loading and Detachable rubber roller structure makes the paper loading easier, Low noise and Thermal line dot printing is used to guarantee low noise printing. It allows No loose wiring and has A single flex-cable houses all wiring.It comes up with Ergonomic design and has Centered paper path allows uniform and aesthetic housing design.